Through providing education, material collection and disposal services, RCSWD strives to make it easy for residents to dispose of unwanted items in the most fiscally and environmentally responsible manner. Call (802) 775-7209 with any disposal questions!


Rutland County Solid Waste District is a union municipal district that was formed in 1979 to promote the proper management of solid waste within the towns of Rutland County.  We educate and strive to reduce waste in a sustainable and economical matter by giving our residents and businesses the option of recycling, electronic waste, food scrap collection and much more.

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The Rutland County Solid Waste District provides waste disposal services to its 17 member communities. These communities include Brandon, Castleton, Clarendon, Danby, Hubbardton, Ira, Killington, Mendon, Mount Tabor, Mount Holly, Pittsford, Poultney, Proctor, Rutland City, Wallingford, Wells & West Rutland.

We also operate theRegional Transfer Stationon Gleason Road. Feel free to call us regarding any disposal information!

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July 10, 2019
Landfilling: an Overview

Fill the Land with Value, Not Waste"You have one life and, like a tree, you can create abundance, a profusion. You are a known positive. No need to think of yourself as misplaced in the natural world, or that you cause destruction with your presence. Accept that deep in your heart and mind. Then go […]...

April 25, 2019
Save $ and Spring into Special Recycling

With Earth Day (April 22) past and Green Up Day approaching (May 4), you are encouraged to rummage through your home and look for items that might need special recycling—at no cost to you! Items like household batteries, paint, or electronics (e-waste), and more can be dropped off at certain locations for free. Anyone have […]...

April 25, 2019
Green Up Day- May 4!

Any pick up of litter near your location or other problem areas (roadsides and parks, especially near rivers) is of great help. Keep Vermont beautiful by participating in Green Up Day and reducing your trash initially! Green bags provided for this purpose can be dropped off for free on Saturday, May 4 at the Rutland […]...


Green Up Day is the first Saturday in May- May 4, 2019. Do you like seeing our roads litter free? You can donate to Green Up Vermont on Line 29 of your state income tax form. Contact your town coordinator to be a part of the planning process!

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