Recycling Center

The Recycling facility allows residents to pay for trash drop off by the bag and to drop off their recycables for free with a valid RCSWD permit. The recycables includes glass, newspaper, boxboard, cardboard, tin & aluminum, mixed fiber and plastics #1, #2 & #5. Across from the recycling center, the District also provides segregated areas where residents can drop off electronic e-waste, textiles/clothing, tires, refrigerators and AC's. And lastly, we have a 40 yard box for the collection of asbestos. Residents and commercial customers must double bag asbestos with a minimum of 3 mil thick plastic and duct taped, then place the material in the enclosed 40 yard box. 

  • MSW/trash Pay-per-bag drop off
  • Plastics #1 #2 Natural #2 Colored #5 recycling
  • Cardboard, residential paper, glass & aluminum/tin recycling
  • Food Waste/Scrap drop off 
  • E-Waste drop off
  • Tires drop off
  • Clothing/Textile box drop off 
  • Hardcover books drop off
  • AC/freon drop off
  • Asbestos 

Please note that our Recycling Center only accepts cash or check. Click here for disposal fees and you must have a valid Gleason transfer station permit to access services.