Regional Transfer Station

Gleason Road Transfer Station

The Regional transfer station is located at 14 Gleason Road in Rutland, VT. Residents and small businesses can dispose just about anything here!

Transfer station users must have a current permit to participate in all the  programs. Programs and services includes MSW, C&D, HHW, Recycling, Leaf & Yard, Scarp Metal, Food Residue and More... 

Some programs are free to all non-commercial customers, with a current Gleason Transfer Station Permit:

  • Those covered by Extended Producer Responsibility laws-
    • Some Electronics (TVs, Computers & peripherals, Printers), Thermostats, Paint, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), and Batteries- most of these are considered hazardous waste and must be handled properly.
  • The Statewide Six Recyclables-
    • Cardboard, Paper, Glass, Aluminum, Tin, and Hard Plastics (#1, #2 and #5)