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Learn more about recyclables and recycling in Central Vermont by visiting the RCSWD MRF. Staff from the Rutland County Solid Waste District and Casella Waste Management will conduct tours of the MRF for schools, scout groups, community organizations, and other interested groups.

The tour of the facility takes about an hour. It starts with viewing an educational video about recycling, waste reduction and how recyclables move through the facility. The video is followed by the walk-through where visitors see firsthand the sorting process, material baling and truck loading and weighing. Along the way, we discuss what happens to the recyclables after they leave the MRF, what kinds of products are made from these materials and how to “get in the loop” and buy recycled products to keep recycling sustainable.

To schedule a tour of the MRF, contact:

>> Rutland County Solid Waste District
802.775.7209 •

>> Casella Waste Management
802.770.1330 •