District Services to Towns

RCSWD member town residents enjoy that their Municipality does not pass a tax to their residents for waste disposal. The users pay a fee for what they dispose. If you dispose of a kitchen trash bag a week your fee will be $2.00/week.  The more you bring, the more the fee will be proportionally. This is not the case for non-district Alliance communities. Aliance communities require an extra tax rate that is fixed at a specific number, if your a large corporation or single senior citizen homeowner your tax is the same. See below on a few of the facets that we manage for our communities.


  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Recycling Program and more 
  • Technical assistance, permitting
  • Partnering with member district towns and staff at their transfer stations
  • Provides mentoring, training, site reviews for member towns transfer station to assist in maintaining compliance and avoid State enforcement fines
  • Development of the Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP)
  • Vermont Solid Waste Rules Compliance
  • Enforcement, auditing, and awareness
  • Materials Management, Analysis and Reporting
  • Provide member towns a Hazardous Waste pick-up service for each town multiple times a year. (32 events)
  • Hazardous Waste Management Regulations Management 
  • Management and Operations of a Large Quantity Generator (LQGs) permanent facility open six days a week. LQGs generate the most waste and are subject to most stringent requirements and recordkeeping, more stringent storage time limits, more stringent employee training and contingency planning requirements. 
  • Works with Conditionally Exempt Generators (CEGs) and Small Quantity Generators (SWGs)
  • Facilitate annual hauler meetings with DEC staff members to receive valuable input and to assist with planning, program development, education, outreach, permiting, compliance requirements.

Administrative, negotiations, reporting, monitoring, enforcement and awareness/information dissemination associated with achieving the solid waste goals that communities would otherwise have to undertake

  • Quarterly Reports
  • Transfer Station Certifications
  • Operation of the Regional Transfer Station - any district-town residents may use at our permit price
  • Household Hazardous Waste Management (Mon. - Sat., year round program)
  • Program-based data collection (e-waste, textiles, books, etc)
  • Attendance and participation in solid waste meetings, forums, workshops, and initiatives
  • Hauler licensing and compliance enforcement
  • Product Stewardship Membership, legislative assistance, and advocacy
  • Legislative Lobby and advocacy 
  • Partnership with industry resources, Northeast Recycling Council (NERC); Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA); ECO/AmeriCorps; VLCT, and more
  • Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Brandon Chamber of Commerce

Program development and implementation of initiatives set out in the District solid waste implementation plan that meets state goals which include:

  • Pursuing grant funding
  • Mobile Hazardous Waste Collections at Town Transfer Stations
  • Waste diversion programs, such as: Electronics, Textiles, Food Scraps and Leaf/Yard Organics,
  • Asbestos management, Hardcover Books, Construction and Demolition Debris, Hazardous Wastes (Chemicals, Batteries, Mercury-containing bulbs and devices, Paint, Pesticides, etc.)
  • Revenue sharing- Metal and recycling
  • Beneficial reuse of- Tires Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Clean Sheetrock


  • The following programs are available to in-district residents, municipalities, and organizations upon request:
  • Technical Assistance regarding Waste Diversion and Management- for Schools, Businesses
  • Outreach and education services includes printed informational materials, outreach to businesses, schools, events, and other organizations
  • Public workshops such as composting workshops
  • Community Groups and Events
  • Presentations and Meeting Facilitation
  • Tabling with information at events
  • Educational Promotions- Disposal A - Z List; Highlight organizations with outstanding programs on our website and social media
  • Tours of the Material Recovery Facility (Recycling Facility) and Programs at our Regional Transfer Station
  • Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns & Planning
  • Available subscription to E-Alerts, which sends emails to subscriber on website updates and added documents and events.
  • Monthly Electronic newsletter
  • Seven social media channels

Anyone interested in having a resident expert assistance in topics of recycling, household hazardous waste, or any other aspects of solid waste management should call Brian Sales, Outreach Coordinator, at 802-775-7209.