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Bring yard debris and clean wood to our regional transfer station or compost it at home! Check your local transfer station for yard debris collection.

Vermonters know about composting, and how large volumes of leaves, grass and other organic wastes can be naturally reduced in volume and recycled as rich natural fertilizer. But what if you live in a city with limited yard space?  District residents can take advantage of the yard waste composting program operated at the Gleason Road Transfer Station. The district accepts leaves and grass and separately brush and clean wood (now even full-size logs), and grinds this material into chips.


  • Leaves and lawn clippings- FREE
  • Brush- $5.00 per truck load
  • Clean Wood- $45-$65/ton
  • Log Length- $14/ton


The leaf material will be used as bulking agent for a compost program. The brush and woody material is ground and sent to a biomass facility for the generation of electricity.

Clean Wood

Now accepting full-size logs!

Brush pile

Brush piles at Transfer Station

Chipping and grinding the yard debris