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Residents can drop off food scraps at any transfer station in Vermont (there may be a charge). Some haulers will pick up food scraps from businesses, and even for residents. Contact any of these haulers to request their services.

What is accepted in curbside/drop-off composting?

  • All food scraps- meat, bones and dairy don’t go in backyard composting
  • Soiled and non recyclable paper- wet/dirty, cardboard/newspaper, greasy pizza boxes, wax paper
  • Check with your hauler if they accept “compostable to-go containers”

What do I store my food scraps in?

-Reuse bins: yogurt and coffee tubs work well, but fill up quick; you can find 5-gal buckets at delis and other food service operations

-Purchase bins: We have countertop collectors and backyard compost bins at the RCSWD office: 1 Smith Rd, Rutland, VT 05701; Open Mon – Fri, 7 AM – 4:30 PM

What if it starts to smell?

  1. Keep your container in a cool place
  2. Add some dry carbon sources: sawdust, shredded newspaper or cardboard
  3. Line the container with newspaper or brown paper (this makes it easier to rinse out as well!)
  4. Check when your Transfer Station in town is open and bring it then

Other FAQs

Stay tuned for a list of frequently asked questions.