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Residents can drop off food scraps at any transfer station in Vermont (there may be a charge). Some haulers will pick up food scraps from businesses, and even for residents. Contact any of these haulers to request their services.

What is accepted in curbside/drop-off composting?

-Check with your hauler/transfer station for a list of what they will accept.

What do I store my food scraps in?

-Reuse bins: yogurt and coffee tubs work well, but fill up quick; you can find 5-gal buckets at delis and other food service operations

-Purchase bins: We have countertop collectors and backyard compost bins at the RCSWD office: 1 Smith Rd, Rutland, VT 05701; Open Mon - Fri, 7 AM - 4:30 PM

What if it starts to smell?

-Keep your container in a cool place
-Add some dry carbon sources: sawdust, shredded newspaper or cardboard
-Line the container with sawdust, newspaper or brown paper (this makes it easier to rinse out as well!)
-Check when your Transfer Station in town is open and bring it then

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