Hazardous Waste Rover Collection Requirements

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As the State starts to open up businesses, RCSWD is prepared for its next step also.  On Saturday morning, June 20, 2020 we will be starting our 2020 HHW Rural Collections Program. This schedule includes the same amount of events as indicated in our annual report. It has just been delayed due to the pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 environment, certain changes in previous years’ processes have been made to align with VBOH/CDC guidance.

In order to use this program, residents must adhere to the following requirements:

All participants must remain in vehicle with a mask on until notified. All materials to dispose of must be organized such that it can be placed upon a table in little time. Do not use garbage bags. A staff member will process paperwork to include contact information. Before arriving to drop off, participants must have a completed, materials drop-off list. This materials list should be legible with each material and volume on it.

When this is completed, participants will be asked to exit the vehicle and place materials on table, and maintain social distancing.  Excessive materials will not be accepted and will be referred to the Gleason Road facility. Nothing will be returned (gas cans etc.). Please leave your pets at home.

RCSWD staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that does not follow these requirements.

On Tuesday 23, 2020 our HHW depot at 14 Gleason Road in Rutland will be reopening by appointment only with 24 hours advanced notice. To schedule an appointment on-line please visit  https://www.rcswd.com/hhw/