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A-Z List: What Goes Where?

Looking for information on disposing of a specific item?

Check out our A-Z List.

Medical Waste

THE PROBLEM: At-home treatment of diabetes, allergies, and other medical symptoms generates waste syringes, lancets, and other sharp items (called “sharps”). Discarding loose sharps with other household trash can hurt people. Anyone who handles the trash may be stuck accidentally. Used sharps can transmit germs. Diseases, such as Hepatitis B, can result from someone being accidentally stuck.

A safer way to dispose of sharps is to use plastic bottles. The #1 PETE soda bottle is recommended because it is more puncture resistant than most other types of plastic bottles commonly found in the home. The PETE bottles are identified with “1” inside a triangle of arrows. the symbol is usually located on the bottom of the container. Label an empty #1 PETE soda bottle with the warning: “DO NOT RECYCLE!” Use either a pre-made warning sticker provided by RCSWD or one that you make at home.• Sticker
Pre-made labels may be available at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office. If not, call the RCSWD Hotline at 773-4083.
• Store
Carefully put each of your used sharps into the bottle. Store the bottle out of reach of children.
• Seal
Put heavy tape over the closed bottle cap when the bottle is full.
• Safely Dispose
Dispose of the filled bottle in your household trash. Now your sharps are in a container that protects people from being stuck and is unlikely to break open on its way to the landfill.


Propane Tanks

For a limited time, RCSWD will take old-style 20-lb propane tanks for $1 per tank. Bring tanks to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at Gleason Road Tues., Weds, Thurs., 8-3:00 p.m. (available to all Rutland County residents except Pittsfield)

Waste Oil & Filters

Used motor oil and oil filters are accepted at the Brandon TS, Pittsford TS, Rutland Gleason Road Transfer Station, Wallingford Transfer Station and at the RCSWD HHW Mobile Collections. No fee for RCSWD residents.Used motor oil and oil filters are accepted from businesses at the Gleason Rd HHW deport for a fee.
Call the HHW depot 802.770.1333 for current prices.NOTE: Empty plastic motor oil bottles are NOT accepted locally as recyclables and should be disposed of with your regular trash.