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Where does it go?

Have you ever wondered where all of the recycling that gets picked up ends up?  Most of it gets brought to the Rutland MRF (Material Recovery Facility) which is located at 2 Greens Hill Lane in Rutland, Vermont.  Haulers bring their recycling to the MRF if they are contracted through Casella where it gets sorted and packaged with like recyclables.  The trucks get weighed in and weighed out at the scale next to our office.  Since we weigh in their trucks, most people think we are part of Casella.  We are not, we are the Rutland County Solid Waste District and we just so happen to weigh in Casella’s trucks for them, sometimes we feel like being nice.  Just kidding, we are always nice. Check out their Sustainability!   Casella-Sustainability-Overview-2017.  

Are you interested in learning more about where recyclables go after they get dropped off?  Schedule a tour today by contacting Joseph Soulia  (Joesph.Soulia@casella.com) or give him a call at (802)-770-1330.  Also contact Deane Wilson (deanew@rcswd.com) or give him a call at (802)-775-7209.  Check out this video and follow the orange bottle through the MRF


We have 12 Transfer Stations in our county that are operated by attendants and managers from the town.  This does not mean that the manager of the town is the manager of the Transfer Station, but in some cases this is true.