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The District promotes responsible waste management through active management programs such as yard waste composting, and through a variety of other programs.

Teachers, scout troops or anyone interested in having a resident expert in recycling, household hazardous waste or any other aspects of solid waste management should call Carl Diethelm, Outreach Coordinator, at 802-775-7209. In addition, guided tours of the District’s Material Recovery Facility can also be scheduled by contacting Carl.


To help businesses with current recycling, RCSWD provides a variety of assistance.

Below are some of the ways RCSWD can help your business reduce waste!

  • Sample Environmental Purchasing Policy
  • Free Waste Assessment
  • Office Waste Reduction Tips
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Fluorescent Lamp Recycling
  • Composting at Work
  • Buy Recycled Materials


Other opportunities to reduce waste at your business:

  • ANR Business Waste Reduction Planning Page
  • Business Case Studies
  • Reduce Junk Mail
  • Vermont Environmental Assistance Program



RCSWD offers a variety of free programs to help make waste reduction projects come to life in schools. Students have a chance to participate in activities focusing on the benefits of reusing, recycling, composting and other environmentally friendly habits. Our programs are tailored to any age group and include educational materials for students to share at home.

Make Recycling Fun At Your School! Contact Carl Diethelm at (802) 775-7209.

Recycling center tour

We give tours of the recycling center! See above for information.