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Trek Your Trash!!!

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Carl's Trash

Compost Carl, our outreach specialist — two weeks of trash!

An Ecological Footprint Calculator

Do you know how much trash you individually produce every week? “Trek Your Trash” is a great way to evaluate how much stuff you put in the landfill. This can give you an idea of what type of material makes up the majority of your trash, which will display the best ways to cut down on costs and environmental impact. You might find some clever ways to reuse items in your bag too.

Want to Trek YOUR Trash?
Here are some steps to ensure that you get the most out of your experience:

  1. Choose a container- Nothing too cumbersome that you have to carry it in your hands. Make it visible! Carl uses a plastic bag and puts it in the outer pocket of his backpack.
  2. Keep a log– At the end of the day/week, write down what accumulated, where it came from, and why it can’t be reused. This will help you understand where the most trash accumulates in your life. What habits could you change to reduce this? Could you plan ahead to reduce avoidable trash?
  3. Share the results!Post pictures on our Facebook, and just show your friends how proud you are to be reducing your costs and impact on the environment.

If there is a lot of trash at first, don’t be disheartened. Our linear disposal system is not easy to go against. By Trekking Your Trash, you are taking a huge step towards changing that system and your lifestyle!

Trek Your Trash Rules
Credit: Save The Mermaids

•All of the non-recyclable, non-compostable garbage that you personally generate is to be added to the bag.

•If an item can be recycled it can be disposed of in an appropriate recycling receptacle, however you must carry around the material until such a receptacle can be found.

•Likewise with compostable garbage – if you have a way to properly dispose of compostables, you need only carry them around until you can put them in the compost pile. If you don’t have a compost pile, now might be an excellent time to start one.

•You do NOT have to collect cat or dog excrement or soiled materials such as toilet paper and used tissue.

•If there is something with a strong odor, you may put it into a Ziplock bag, then place it in your garbage bag.

•You must collect trash from work, home, and leisure activities.

•If you live in a household with other people, you need only carry your fair “share” of shared waste.


Linear Economy- Ew!

A Linear Disposal System — Let’s change this!

Greenify Your Holidays

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Are you worried about getting gifts for friends and family this holiday season? Watch the video below for some ways to save money, time, and reduce stress!

Here is a link with great ways to reduce how much is wasted around the holidays.

Storm cleanup: Leaf and Yard Debris

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CLICK HERE to find the nearest transfer station accepting these materials for storm cleanup.

We all could use some help cleaning up after that crazy storm on October 30th. Have no fear, Rutland County Solid Waste is here! You can bring any of the leaves, brush, and wood debris to most local transfer stations. Any transfer station accepting leaf and yard debris offers the service for free! Please make sure to check with the transfer station attendants for the appropriate dumping location.

Storm cleanup

We can take all the debris you have.

There is no need to pay to throw away leaf and yard waste, because it can be used for composting, and even to power biomass plants. That’s exactly where the materials go once they are shredded at our regional transfer station. Due to the Universal Recycling Law, organic yard waste (anything natural other than food scraps that can decompose) is banned from the landfill since July of 2016. 

Food Waste Toters

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We have 68 Gallon toters for rent if you or someone you know are having an event where there would be a lot of people and a lot of food.  Call our office at (802)-775-7209

Recycle Today – Video

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A video by PEGTV.COM – Recycle Today

Rutland County Haulers

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Looking for a local hauling company? Please download this document for more information: CLICK HERE

Vermont E-Cycles Program

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Vermont E-Cycles Program

Free E-Waste

Vermont Product Stewardship Council

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Vermont Product Stewardship Council

ACT 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law

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This act will affect everyone in Vermont. It bans certain materials from the landfill in phases: July 2015- Statewide Six recyclables banned (Paper, Aluminum, cardboard, steel, glass, #1 & #2 Plastics); July 2017- Transfer stations accept food scraps from residents. January 2020- All food scraps from commercial and residential sources cannot be thrown in the landfill. To find out more information on Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation

Universal Recycling Symbols

RCSWD Charter

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