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Castleton Residents: Vote to Stay in Rutland County Solid Waste District at Town Meeting Day

Vote “No” on Article 44 for the Town of Castleton to remain a member of Rutland County Solid Waste District.

If the Town of Castleton leaves the Rutland County Solid Waste District (RCSWD) as a member town, it would owe at least $28,000 in lease liabilities as a proportional share of the investments that have been made for our disposal infrastructure. Additionally, leaving RCSWD would forgo a share in the $350,000 in assets owned by the district.

RCSWD provides the following services directly for Castleton residents and other member towns: household hazardous waste collection, education surrounding proper disposal and Vermont policies such as the Universal Recycling Law, representation of district towns with regard to Vermont State legislation. Residents of RCSWD member towns receive a $30 discount on annual permits for the Regional Transfer Station at Gleason Road in Rutland.

According to 24 V.S.A. § 2202a, “Municipalities are responsible for the management and regulation of the storage, collection, processing, and disposal of solid wastes within their jurisdiction in conformance with the State Solid Waste Management Plan authorized under 10 V.S.A. chapter 159.” RCSWD provides the administration and creates a plan to satisfy those requirements. If Castleton were to leave the list of member towns, it would be necessary to join another Solid Waste District, or to create a plan and report on the provision of services and education surrounding proper disposal of all kinds.

The option for Castleton to join another Solid Waste District may have a higher charge than that of being a part of the RCSWD member towns. This is because RCSWD charges for membership based on a per ton basis of disposal, instead of a per capita (population) charge. Switching to a per capita charge will result in higher property taxes to fund the membership.

For a municipality to follow through with a Solid Waste Implementation Plan requires significant quarterly and yearly reporting, as well as the coordination of storage, pickups, and disposal of many different categories of waste. At RCSWD, we provide 9 full-time and several part-time staff to accomplish this for towns of which Castleton represents 10% of the population. These tasks are not easily added to Town Office staff, who already have plenty of work to do.

For more information, please contact the Rutland County Solid Waste District: (802) 775-7209.

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