Through providing education, material collection and disposal services, RCSWD strives to make it easy for residents to dispose of unwanted items in the most fiscally and environmentally responsible manner. Call (802) 775-7209 with any disposal questions!


Rutland County Solid Waste District is a union municipal district that was formed in 1979 to promote the proper management of solid waste within the towns of Rutland County.  We educate and strive to reduce waste in a sustainable and economical matter by giving our residents and businesses the option of recycling, electronic waste, food scrap collection and much more.

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The Rutland County Solid Waste District provides waste disposal services to its 17 member communities. These communities include Brandon, Castleton, Clarendon, Danby, Hubbardton, Ira, Killington, Mendon, Mount Tabor, Mount Holly, Pittsford, Poultney, Proctor, Rutland City, Wallingford, Wells & West Rutland.

We also operate the Regional Transfer Station on Gleason Road. Feel free to call us regarding any disposal information!

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September 27, 2018
Compost workshops & Bears (Oh my!)

We had a blast at the Killington Farmers Market and Killington Compost Workshop¬†a week ago! Twelve people attended the workshop, and half of them hadn’t tried composting in their backyard before. “Compost” Carl went over the basics of composting: why it’s important, and how it’s done; he also talked specifically about bear and animal issues […]...

September 6, 2018
Help prove our county is the best!

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: BATTERY COLLECTION CHALLENGE 6 September 2018 Who: Rutland County Solid Waste District announces their participation in the inaugural Vermont Battery Collection Challenge. The challenge seeks to rally Vermont residents to properly recycle their batteries, thus diverting them from landfills, lowering the risk for potential safety incidents and reducing local waste collection costs. What: […]...

August 30, 2018
Save money by recycling right

Are you certain that you recycle right? Disposing of resources in the best manner can require a little time to know how to do it right. Even so, it’s as easy as a call to the Solid Waste District, and can save you and your town money! Call (802) 775-7209 with any disposal questions. Adhering […]...


Did you know that you can recycle batteries at drop-off locations around Vermont?  Not just AA or AAA, we're talking lithium, lead acid, alkaline, nickel zinc, nickel cadmium and even more.  They are accepted Monday through Saturday 7-3 at the Transfer Station on Gleason Road through Barry Sadowski at the HHW Center. Click here to find stores near you that accept batteries if you can't make it to the Transfer Station.

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